środa, 18 września 2013

Grzegorz Bral's Coordination Method Workshop in London School of Performing Arts Practices

The LSPAP workshop I took part in was one of the most demanding experiences I have ever had. It demanded physical strenght, focus and a strong will. All of these were absolutely worth the effort, for what I reveived was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life.
On one hand, the workshop was a great lesson of humility – it made me aware of my own limitations I haven't known about before. On the other hand it was an incredibly vivid experience of the joy of body, feeling, mutual respect and togetherness among participants. It seems to me that what I am trying to say sounds very much like a truism, but it is far from being one. The difficulty of writing about this experience arises probably from the fact that the kind of work I got engaged in opposes verbalisation. I have the impression that what I gained from the workshop cannot be verbalised exactly because I gained it; it came from the primary strenght of the body, the rythm, the voice. To me it opened a whole new scope of sensuality and intuition and a very strong feeling that this is a direction that I would like to follow.

Make sure to visit LSPAP website: http://www.lspap.com/

fot: Reh Petr for LSPAP

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